MFCI only focuses on Michigan Public Finance. Every Michigan municipality is unique and different. We help our clients to solve tough financing challenges with tailored solutions that fit each community.

Our Mission

As fellow Michiganders, our advisors work to provide our communities and organizations with leading financial analysis, progressive thinking and creative solutions for whatever challenges may arise.



At MFCI, we know that financing your next project can seem like a daunting task. Our firm designs financing plans that put our client's interests first. We tailor our methods to each individual project as every client and project are unique. 

Financing can be stressful even for the most seasoned borrowers. We work to make the entire financing process as transparent, efficient, and comfortable as possible for borrowers.  

Fiduciary to our Clients

As financial advisor to issuers, we are strictly a fiduciary of our clients. We work diligently to serve the best interest of clients in every transaction. Our fierce independence gives our team ultimate clarity to design a plan that fits our client's best interest. 

Market Insight

Our professionals have decades of experience in financial markets. Our clients benefit from MFCI's access to municipal bond pricing data, helping to ensure fair pricing for each issue. With nearly 2,000 Michigan bond and note issues delivered since 1981, MFCI is an experienced financial advisor for the local municipalities of Michigan.

$13.6 Billion of Michigan Municipal Bond & Note Par Value Advised since 1981.
— Municipal Financial Consultants

What We've Achieved

Since its founding in 1981, the professionals at MFCI have changed the way Michigan municipalities sell bonds. Our professionals introduced the following innovations to Michigan public finance:

  • MFCI was the first financial consulting firm in the State of Michigan to accept bids for a public sale via the internet.

  • The first advanced refunding sold at competitive sale.

  • The first competitive sale to use a financial surety bond in lieu of a good faith check. This resulted in more bids from out-of-state bidders that were previously unable or unwilling to bid on Michigan issues.